McFadin Storage offers the best value for your storage dollar.

Facts that should be considered when choosing a storage unit.

McFadin Storage Units offer several unique features that other facilities do not have. These features significantly increase the value of your storage unit dollar.
  • All McFadin Storage Units have heavy-duty shelving built into the units. This shelving significantly increases the square feet of storage space in each unit, giving you greater value for your storage dollar. None of our competitors offer this feature in their units. For example our 10’x15’ storage units have 40 square feet of heavy duty shelving built into the unit increasing your square feet of storage space by 26.66% over our competitors 10’x15’ unit.
  • Most of the McFadin Storage Units have 10-foot high walls. Our competitors have 8-foot high walls. Therefore when you rent a storage unit from McFadin Storage you will, in most cases, be getting 25% more cubic feet of storage space than our competitors. For example a 10’x15’ unit from McFadin Storage will have 1500 cubic feet of storage space where our competitor’s 10’x15’ unit will have 1200 cubic feet of storage space.

Pest Control Every 60 Days!
All Units Insulated to Avoid Moisture Problems!